We know you have all been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the launch date for Torment of Velious, and to be honest so have we! We're thrilled to announce that Torment of Velious will be launching on December 18, 2019! 


You'll end up seeing the key art in quite a few different places, including that awesome home painting. But check it out below in all it's glory!



Want to check out beta before launch? 

Pre-order today!


and don't forget, this weekend is a holiday in the US, which means bonuses and sales for you, there is more information in the link below!




One More thing! A quick note regarding pre-orders and expansion purchases. There will be a 72 hour hold on tradeable items in the Friends & Family edition within the period before launch - through the sale of the F&F edition.

What does this mean for you? If you want to make sure the items are tradeable on launch day be sure to buy the edition at least 72 hours before launch day!

We hope your adventures in Norrath continue onward and your preparations to save Velious are going well!