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Community News - May 2014

Why Should Norrathians Venture Into the Tower of Rot?


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

It wasn’t long after the citizens of Qeynos built this tower that they found out what a poor idea it was.

Tower of Rot Exterior

“While it apparently seemed like a good idea at the time, eventually people started dying and disappearing. All contact was lost, and Kyle Bayle himself went to the Tower. He never returned.” - Deidre Harath

The citizens of Qeynos who have disappeared have become reanimated by the power of this place. Kyle Bayle and his undead army are locked away at the top of the tower. In Bayle’s possession is an artifact of great power, the legendary Qeynos Claymore. This powerful artifact may be one of the things that is needed to send Lendiniara back to her proper Thread and, in the process, stop further damage from coming to Norrath.

However, Lord Bayle has been expecting your arrival. If you seek to challenge him and his forces, he knows as well as you do how this encounter will end...

Tower of Rot Interior

Tower of Rot becomes available to players tomorrow on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. There are new quests and missions, as well as a new Heroic Adventure and a raid for players to complete in this new zone. The Call of the Forsaken expansion is required to participate in this content.

This zone is designed for players that are level 95 and higher. The Heroic Adventure in Tower of Rot is available to players 65 and higher. Many adventurers are already preparing to travel to the Tower of Rot to set things right in Norrath. Will you join them and do your part? If so, report to Deidre Harath in the Tower of Rot immediately!

Tower of Rot Deidre Harath