Who doesn't like a good trick or prank? Whether you're on a Fool's Errand or soaking a friend in the face from an innocent-looking flower on your lapel, it's all about having fun during the Bristlebane Day celebration.

What's new for this year's event, you ask? We'll tell ya!

Tobo Gleemaker can be found moping about in Crescent Reach. He’s looking for adventurous practical jokesters to run amuck. First, let the cream pies fly with “Fun on the Run”. The difficulty may vary based on your level.

Next, keep the fun rolling by crafting a new laughing potion and delivering it to unknowing participants in “Even More Fun”. It’s all in the name of fun, and no lasting side effects have been noted. Tobo offers this quest upon completion of his first task.

The fun doesn’t stop there. With “Even More Fun to Scare”, you too can roam Crescent Reach as everybody’s favorite longed leg recluse spider. Tobo asks that you startle the local merchants and farmers. Of course, it’s all for a good laugh with no lasting harm.

Scattered throughout Crescent Reach you will find Practically Impractical Gifts to collect and keep the gag going. These gifts are about sharing fun and playing pranks on your friends. These delightful trinkets are good, at least for a chortle.

If you’ve missed the previous holiday events, head to the Plane of Knowledge and speak to Bobo Gleemaker. He has a few pranks up his sleeves to keep the shenanigans rolling.

There are all kinds of silly things to do and find during Bristlebane Day, all to pay homage to the God of Mischief himself. Have a great time but watch your back! You never know who might be creeping up to surprise you with a pie in hand.

The Bristlebane Day event started today and ends on April 5, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. PDT.

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