Spring is in the air and it's that time of year to celebrate Stomples Day! Grundle Cogwelder continues to be befuddled by the stories of bunnies coming from eggs and would like you to investigate this ever-so-strange phenomenon. You can find him in the Plane of Knowledge where you can offer your help and maybe even earn a reward. Oh, and there is something new for this year, too!

Mei Gacierbane and Seymour Saxifragus Novitiate of Stomples can be found in the Eastern Wastes. Mei has been hard at work getting the camp in order—she takes her spring cleaning very seriously. While Seymour enjoys basking in the clean crisp air and keeping Mei company. Regretfully he has noticed that the snow dervishes have been stirred up and is seeking adventurers to get to the bottom of this dusty situation.

On top of that debacle, the mystery egg dropper has now scattered jellybeans throughout the Eastern and Western Wastes. Make sure you collect them all!

Stomples Day celebrations started this morning and will end on April 18, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. PDT. And just like last year, on April 15, 2022 we're crankin' up bonuses for faction gains, XP gains, and how often rares will spawn by 50%! Those bonuses end when the event ends on April 18. Enjoy!

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