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Community News - February 2019

Progression Primer: The Legacy of Ykesha


The Legacy of Ykesha 

The Legacy of Ykesha expansion is unlocking on the Coirnav PoP-Locked Progression Server! Before you dive into the content (or should we say hop into) take a moment to refresh on EverQuest's fifth expansion with this Progression Primer!

The Legacy of Ykesha: The Essentials

The Legacy of Ykesha was EverQuest's fifth expansion, and is considered to be a part of the PoP-era. Although it was a bit smaller in size than previous expansions, it still brought some noteworthy changes to the world of Norrath!

The Legacy of Ykesha

This expansion is perhaps best known for introducing the amphibious Frogloks as a newly playable race. Prior to this, Frogloks could only be encountered (and were frequently slain) in the swamps of Kunark and Antonica. The Legacy of Ykesha also included 5 new zones, the ability to dye armor (which quickly became quite popular), and a new equipment slot for charms.



The Frogloks are an amicable, neutrally-aligned race of amphibious frog-like men who originally only populated the swamps of Norrath. They are intelligent creatures with vastly improved night vision over other races and innate swimming talents.

Frogloks were previously trapped in an eternal war with the Trolls until their deity, Mithaniel Marr, blessed them with the ability to turn the tides of the conflict. The remaining Trolls fled to Neriak, and the Frogloks seized their stronghold, naming it "New Guk." 

A Froglok

Years later, the Trolls would return to reclaim their land during "The War," pushing the Frogloks into the Rathe Mountains. In hopes of taking back their former home, the Frogloks took to learning dark magic. 

Exploring Broken Skull Rock

The island of Broken Skull Rock can be found a ways south of the Antonica marshlands. Travel to the island is difficult, as adventurers must make their way there from the coast of the Stonebrunt Mountains in Odus.

Broken Skull Rock is home to a band of trolls known as the Broken Skull Clan. When passing through you may decide whether or not you want to have them on your side, which probably depends on how you feel about the Frogloks as a whole.


The Gulf of Gunthak

The Gulf of Gunthak is where most adventurers arrive when journeying to Broken Skull Rock. It serves as the entry point to the home of the Broken Skull Clan, and is used as the home for new clan recruits and those that have gained the Trolls' favor.

Although there isn't much to see, the large lighthouse and the lean-tos scattered throughout the Gulf sell a variety of unique supplies that may prove to helpful to adventurers.

Gulf of Gunthak

With a knack for exploration and a bit of luck, you may be able to find passages that connect the Gulf to deeper parts of the island. But beware - those who travel past the gulf without the express permission of the Broken Skull Clan may be putting themselves in an unfavorable situation.


Dulak's Harbor

Dulak's Harbor lies in a wide cavern tucked away conveniently beneath the surface at the edge of the island. The town is rough and ominous in both look and feel, and is inhabited by Troll marauders that preside closely over the arrival and departure of any ships.

Dulak's Harbor

Allies of the Broken Skull Clan will find the Harbor to be a welcome pit stop, with a number of taverns, stores, docks, and shipyards filling the city. The Harbor makes for a great place to buy and sell goods in between adventures.

Dulak's Harbor

Railway tracks can also be found in various parts of the city, and following them will lead adventurers to the nearby mines.

A large and disturbing temple sits nearby, closely guarded by Innoruuk's Luggald minions. It is advised you stay away from this place, lest you want to be consumed by the intense hate that Innoruuk is best known for.


The Torgiran Mines

Despite its rough exterior, Broken Skull Rock is resource-rich deep below the surface. The Torgiran Mines can be found far within the island, and hold many precious metals and gemstones. These goods are the Broken Skull Clan's primary exports, which are mined by captured slaves and transported out to Dulak Harbor through the railway system.

The Torgiran Mines

Distinct etchings can be seen on the rock walls, which are rumored to prevent the mines from flooding with a bit of Innoruuk's power. Though they won't flood, the tides occasionally recede, revealing lava pools within the cavern.

The Torgiran Mines 


Hate's Fury, the Scorned Maiden

Hate's Fury is a legendary pirate ship that is infamous in tales told by sailors and seamen throughout Norrath. Rumors swirl that it is captained by a violent band of Troll pirates, and filled to the brim with stolen treasures, though many believe that its existence is but a tavern-made story.

Hate's Fury, the Scorned Maiden

This ship does exist, however, and is kept docked in a hidden lagoon underneath the island at the Crypt of Nadox, where many of the crew members reside. Even if you're in the best of standing with the Broken Skull Clan, it is recommended that you stay far, far away from Hate's Fury.

 Hate's Fury, the Scorned Maiden

The Crypt of Nadox

The Crypt of Nadox is the final resting place of a legendary Troll shaman who bared the place's namesake. The Crypt is hidden within the deepest and most secluded part of the island, and with good reason.

The Crypt of Nadox

The Crypt is filled with shrines to honor Innoruuk, the deity that the Broken Skull Clan bows to. Only the most powerful and highest-ranking members of the clan are allowed to enter the Crypt, and they guard the area so fiercely it is said that anyone who disturbs them may face the wrath of Innoruuk himself.