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Community News - October 2017

Pre-Order Ring of Scale Now!


Hail, Norrathians! Exciting new adventures in Norrath await!

EverQuest: Ring of Scale

EverQuest: Ring of Scale is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, but pre-orders for the game's 24th expansion are available NOW at! There are three versions of the expansion that you can choose from:

  • Standard Edition ($34.99 USD)
  • Collector's Edition ($89.99 USD)
  • Premium Edition ($139.99 USD)

If you're an All Access member, you'll also get 10% off the cost of the expansion!


All editions of Ring of Scale include:

  • Access to ALL previous expansion content
  • Ring of Scale Beta Access


If you purchase the expansion during the pre-order period, you will also get a pre-order bonus:

  • Veeshan's Ever-Burning Sigil – Delivered at time of purchase! A giant stone slab carved with the burning symbol of Veeshan that can be placed in a house or guild hall.


Each edition of the expansion also comes a variety of additional special items, which you can view here.


You can pre-order EverQuest: Ring of Scale today! Don’t wait to begin preparing for your next great adventure in Norrath!