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Community News - December 2013

Race and Class Combo Clash: Round Two


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Combo Clash Round Two

The battle for what new race and class combination will be added for the 15th Anniversary of EverQuest continues this week! During each round players vote daily for the race and class combinations that they want to see added to the game.

Which will you vote for this week? 

Wood Elf Beastlord vs. Gnome Beastlord

Only one of these two beastlords can make it to the next round, and you will be the deciding factor on which race it will be! Able to harness the raw energies of nature, wood elf beastlords would battle in Norrath with a mighty treant companion that will walk all over your enemies and more. On the other hand, gnomish beastlords have constructed a mechagnome warder to cook, clean and FIGHT for them! Which beastlord combo would you like to see advance?

Iksar Berserker vs. Dwarf Shadowknight

The angriest of matchup of this event would have to be this one. Iksar berserkers wish to assist all that oppose them prepare for death. Does that make them a better or worse choice than dwarven shadowknights, who will place their foes into the grave with tact? Only one of these fierce competitors can make it to the next round, and we’re looking for our player community to decide which of these battle hardened race and class combinations advance.

Head on over to the combo clash page to learn even more about this event and to vote on what race and class combination you want to see added to the game for EverQuest’s 15th Anniversary on March 16, 2014!

Did you vote in Round One?

What did the community think was a superior choice in the previous matches of Dark Elf Ranger vs. Vah Shir Druid and Dark Elf Bard vs. Erudite Rogue? The results from Round One are coming soon, so stay tuned for more information!