Hail Norrath and well met!

It's time for a new heritage crate, and we're traveling to Rivervale, near Misty Thicket. That's right chaps, it's time to for the Halfling Heritage Crate!

Below is the list of possible rewards from the crate! We wish you good fortune on 5/19 when the crate launches at 12 PM PDT (Noon)!



  • Music Box: Rivervale
  • Visage of the Rivervale Deputy
  • Mischievous Mottled Mutt Whistle
  • Bixie Buzzer Familiar
  • Enchanted Pie Familiar
  • Ancient Kithicor Treant Familiar
  • Xorbb's Minion Familiar
  • Runneye Defender Familiar
  • Painting: Kithicor Forest
  • Painting: Throne of Xorbb
  • Rivervale Jumjum Cart
  • Misty Thicket Halfling Bed
  • Runnyeye Adventurer's Head
  • Mischievous Wall Torch


It's time to sing a song and eat some pie, Bristlebane approaches and tricks are nigh! Remember 5/19 is when you can buy!