By: Racheal “Afista” McKenny 

Nights of the Dead EQ 

It’s the time of year again when necromancers emerge from the shadows and darkness begins to fall across the lands. Brave Norrathians must be on their guard as vampires roam in more places than just Kithicor Forest. Both tricks and treats are plentiful as festive merchants return to starting cities just in time for the holiday celebrations. Are you ready for some spooky adventures? It’s time for Nights of the Dead to return to Norrath on Wednesday, October 15th!

A few highlights from Nights of the Dead are:

  • A variety of Nights of the Dead themed Helms will be dropping across the land.


Nights of the Dead Hat

  • New seasonal items in the Marketplace can add a festive touch to your home. 
  • New Robes designed by Player Studio artists are the perfect attire for holiday outings!

 Player Studio Day of the Dead Robe

Players can also enjoy this year’s Nights of the Dead celebration with the return of their favorite holiday events! These are some of the ghoulish events that will be happening all across Norrath: 

  • Under Your Skin: Illis Taberish in Plane of Knowledge is in despair. He is convinced that something terrible is going to happen. And with the Hallowed Eve coming, he is certain that whatever it is, it will happen soon. 
  • Candy and Costumes: Across the starting cities, candy and costume merchants open up their spooky shops to celebrate the season of haunting. Also, seek out Wicked Winnie and a wizened hermit in the Plane of Knowledge for additional sweet fun. 
  • Trick-or-treat? There have been scattered reports across Norrath of spooky happenings in the Kithicor Forest. People are trick-or-treating around Norrath. Vampires have been spotted roaming in spooky places. The Halflings are hungrier than usual and are craving everything pumpkin! A creepy bone collector requests help in collecting several rare bone artifacts. A great storyteller has arrived and is sharing some rather frightening fables—get your admission ticket today and hear them for yourself! For more information seek out Zigand Ribshard in the Plane of Knowledge. He has all the details! 
  • The Trick-or-treat Bag: Old Man Draykey will teach you how to trick-or-treat by showing you the proper greeting method. To practice, he gives you a trick-or-treat bag to go out and get candy with.
  • Bone Collector: Barsin the Bone Collector boasts that he can create anything out of bones. 
  • Roaming Vampire: A Dressed-Up Halfling is running late for the yearly costume gathering. 
  • Hungry Halfling: Mippie Diggs is hungry and craving pumpkin flavored food and drinks. 
  • Story Teller: Cathil the storyteller has been telling frightening fables to scare the locals. 
  • The Gravedigger: The Gravedigger in the Plane of Knowledge is interested in tattoos. He has been digging graves for most of his life all over Norrath. He has amassed a collection of tattooed skin patches from corpses, but his collection is incomplete. He is seeking adventurers to help him with his obsession.
  • Necromancer’s Garden:  A crazed necromancer has recently snuck into Greater Faydark and spread some strange seeds about the forest. The seeds have taken root and are sprouting into horrible skulls! Leavalin Mossbite was tasked to hire adventurers to help stop a threat to the folks of the Faydark. 
  • Scarecrow Roundup: Rongol and Anderia’s farm in West Karana has been struggling, barely meeting their own needs and leaving them little to sell. Believing he figured out how the Millers have been so successful with their farm all these years, Rongol created a scarecrow, but his effort was unsuccessful. This forced him to take more drastic measures and he sought the help of a witch. Unfortunately, the magical powers of the witch were a bit more than Rongol and Anderia were prepared to handle. The couple now needs the help of brave adventurers. 
  • Marta Stalwart in Toxxulia is baking pies to celebrate an old Erudite pie flinging tradition started by an angry wife who scolded her lazy husband by throwing pies at him. 
  • Grom Shives in Nektulos is retelling the tale of the legendary ride of a Dark Elf Warrior who swindled magic from powerful creatures and managed to evade them in Nektulos as he returned to Neriak.
  • Silas Lightweaver is trying to put on a light show in Greater Faydark, but the faeries from Lesser Faydark are running amuck, casting gaudy spells and disturbing his performance. Capture them and release them back into Lesser Faydark where they belong. 
  • Corporal Gravlin stands guard in Qeynos Hills as travelers from Qeynos attempt to journey to Surefall Glade for a celebration. Unfortunately, the evil necromancer Pyzjn is causing trouble by raising undead to attack anyone passing through the region. 


Nights of the Dead won’t last long, so be sure to head out into the world and enjoy some of the festivities before they’re gone! The event is scheduled to run from October 15, 2014 until November 5, 2014. What tricks or treats are you interested in scoping out first?