The Phinigel server is available to players NOW!

Phinigel - A True Box Progression Server - Available NOW!

What Is a True Box Progression Server?

This is a server where each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from their computer. We want to encourage players to play with their friends on this server, and not just form groups of only their alts.

Instanced Raid Content

Enjoy classic EverQuest raids on your own schedule! Don’t worry about competing for bosses like Lady Vox, Lord Nagafen, and (/cough) Phinigel Autropos… you and your friends can attempt these encounters as your time permits, and continue your quest for PHAT LEWTZ!

Content Unlocks Every 12 Weeks

Players won’t vote to unlock expansion content on Phinigel, and the server won’t wait until all of the raid content is defeated before the expansion unlock timers start. Instead, every 12 weeks expansion content will unlock on this server.

All Access Membership Required

Like other progression and special ruleset servers, you must have All Access Membership to access Phinigel. For more details and to sign up for All Access membership, visit

But I Have MORE Questions!

We’ve got you covered! Check out this FAQ that answers questions about the new Phinigel server, and provides more information about progression servers.


We’re grateful for all of our players’ continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the Phinigel server, starting TODAY!