Our next progression server is called Phinigel, and it will become available to players on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. If this is the first time you've heard about this server, you may want to start by reading this post.

Phinigel - A True Box Progression Server

Q: What is a Progression Server?

An EverQuest Progression Server is a way to experience EverQuest as it grew over time. It begins with access to the original zones that were available at launch, and gradually adds expansions at varying intervals, depending on the rules of the server.

Q: How Is This Server Different From Other Progression Servers?

Phinigel is our fourth version of a Progression Server, and we’re calling this a “True Box Server.” This is a server where each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from each one of their computers.

Players won’t vote to unlock content on Phinigel, and the server won’t wait until all of the raid content is defeated before the expansion unlock timer starts. Instead, every 12 weeks, expansion content will unlock on this server.

That means 12 weeks of Classic EverQuest, 12 weeks of The Ruins of Kunark, 12 weeks of The Scars of Velious, and so on. This is a server for players that want to move through the content faster than the previous progression servers have allowed.

In addition, on Phinigel, big raid targets from each expansion will be instanced.

Q: Can I Transfer My Existing Character Here?

No. This will be a fresh server where all players will begin their adventures from level 1.

There are no plans at this time to offer transfers to this server from any other progression server.

Q: How Does Raid Instancing Work on Phinigel?

The system will allow a full raid (72 players) into an instance. You will need at least 6 players in your raid to request a raid instance, and the players in your raid need to be level 46 or higher.

When you request a raid instance, the player that requested it, and his or her entire raid, will be given an account-wide request lockout for that specific raid for 2.5 days.

Each “boss” in the zone will grant a 6.5 day account-wide lockout. For the most part, this is just the big boss (Lord Nagafen, for example) and the stuff in his/her/its immediate vicinity.

For launch, Plane of Sky is an exception to the above instancing rule. Each island will have a lockout. Kill any NPC on that island and everyone in your raid will receive a 6.5 day account-wide lockout for that island.

Q: When You Talk About Expansions Unlocking After a Certain Amount of Time, Does that Mean Killing Raid Targets isn't Required?

Correct. This server doesn’t check when raid bosses were killed to decide when additional expansion content unlocks. Expansions will unlock 12 weeks after each other, regardless of when raid content is cleared.

Q: Can I Purchase the 40-Slot “Steadfast Satchel” on the New Progression Server?

Yes! This bag is a one-time claim available on any server, including progression servers. You can learn more about this here.

Q: What Things Are Not Allowed on This Server?

A True Box Progression Server is a place where players are only allowed to play one EverQuest account at a time on their computer.

Doing any of the following on Phinigel may result in action being taken against your Daybreak Account:

  • Playing multiple characters at the same time from a single computer.
  • Using 3rd party software.
  • Any method to send one key press to multiple characters.


Doing any of the following on ANY server may result in action being taken against your Daybreak Account:

  • Unattended Gameplay: Any method that lets a character take actions while you’re not at your keyboard.
  • Playing on virtual machines.
  • Any attempt to circumvent the /pickzone timer.

Q: What’s XP Like on the Phinigel Server?

Phinigel is a fresh progression server that was set up with its own rate of experience gain.

If you compare this to Ragefire and Lockjaw, players will notice they earn experience at a slower rate on this server. If you compare this to EverQuest at launch, players will earn experience at a much faster rate. There are no experience penalties for class, race or hell levels on the Phinigel server.

(Note: rogues, warriors and halflings will continue to get race/class exp bonuses on Phinigel, just like they do on all servers).

Q: But I’m New to Progression Servers and I Have So Many More Questions!

See a much longer progression server FAQ here


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