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Community News - October 2014

Tempest Temple: The Storm is Coming


By: Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges

A violent storm spectacularly erupts on a small island in the Buried Sea. Chunks of Norrath spew towards the sky. The Darkness is coming. Can you feel it?

Tempest Temple 2

Years ago, outlanders came upon the Coral Keep, also known as Tempest Temple. With them they brought many treasures. Most notably for the fate of Coral Keep was religion. A charismatic priest of Karana convinced a group of powerful kedge wizards to convert. Together they hatched a plan to open a gateway to the Plane of Storms. This was no trivial feat. Under cover of darkness, they instilled potent magics on a nearby volcanic island. One night, the volcano erupted in fire, water, magma, and… something else.

Tempest Temple 3

As the balance-keepers of the very world of Norrath, Druids sense a great disturbance in these events. They have called for your aid, traveler. The island itself is in complete chaos, with pieces suspended in the air and an ever-raging storm that threatens all. The world could be in peril if the Karana-worshipping kedge are not stopped. 

Tempest Temple 1

There’s plenty to explore in EverQuest’s 21st Expansion: The Darkened Sea! Stay tuned to the official EverQuest website for more zone previews, sneak peeks, and more. The next EverQuest expansion hits Tuesday, November 11, 2014. However, All-Access members get to purchase it and play a full two weeks earlier, starting on Tuesday, October 28, 2014!