Norrathians! Are you ready to return to Kunark?

EverQuest’s twenty-third expansion, Empires of Kunark, is now available. Make haste and return to Kunark and choose your side in the coming turmoil. Tsaph Katta has rebuilt the capital of the Combine Empire in the treacherous lands of Kunark, and now focuses on uniting the races of Norrath – but not all are ready to bend to the will of the Combine Empire. Will a unified Norrath prevail or will the Combine's arrival lead to a war of catastrophic proportions?

If you want to be even more prepared before you log in, make sure you watch the reveal livestream replay. For a detailed look at the Lore, read the Empires of Kunark Preview: Lore. And make sure you’re familiar (yes, pun intended) with the new Familiar Key Ring, included with your purchase of Empires of Kunark!

Load Balancing Zones

To help with how crowded some of the expansion zones can get, we added “Load Balancing Zone” tech to Empires of Kunark zones. Once those zones reach a certain threshold of players (it varies based on the size of the zone), it will spawn another version of itself. You will be able to choose which version of the zone you want to enter upon zoning in, or you will be able to use the /pickzone command to choose another version of the zone you are in. This should let people group up with friends, while reducing crowding so players can find NPCs and things to kill.

Are You Ready to Tame the Savage Lands of Kunark?

Do you need to purchase a copy of Empires of Kunark? Do you want to upgrade your expansion to the Collector’s or Premium edition for more great items and features? Visit the Empires of Kunark page for more information!