Brave Adventurers, the time has come. Anashti Sul has split into the two most dominant aspects of herself - life and decay – and she’s crafted a plot to infect the places of Norrath with a war that threatens to collapse the balance of all life! Will you prevent the chaos she would unleash? Now is your chance! The Broken Mirror, EverQuest’s 22nd expansion, launches today!

Load Balancing Zones

To help with how crowded some of the expansion zones can get, we added “Load Balancing Zone” tech to the following The Broken Mirror expansion zones:

  • Plane of Health
  • Crypt of Sul
  • Crypt of Decay

Once those zones reach a certain threshold of players (it varies based on the size of the zone), it will spawn another version of itself. You will be able to choose which version of the zone you want to enter upon zoning in, or you will be able to use the /pickzone command to choose another version of the zone you are in. This should let people group up with friends, while reducing crowding so players can find NPCs and things to kill.

Collector’s Edition Illusion and Mercenary

Both the Collector’s Edition and Premium Edition of The Broken Mirror include the Shroud of Relife illusion and Contract of the Chosen mercenary. Having either of these will provide players with benefits while in certain zones in The Broken Mirror.

In the Crypt of Decay players will have their max mana and HP reduced by 20%. With either the merc or illusion active it’s only a 10% reduction.

In the Plane of Health healing players receive is reduced by 20%. With either the merc or illusion active it’s only a 10% reduction.

While completing the progression of the expansion will also give players perks in these zones, having the merc or the illusion from the Collector’s Edition or Premium Edition of The Broken Mirror expansion will make progression through these zones easier for each of your characters.

…But Wait, There’s More!

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Do you want to upgrade your expansion for more amazing in-game items? Do you have a friend or family member you want to join you on your adventures? Good news! Upgrading and gifting are both available now! Visit The Broken Mirror expansion page to learn more!