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Community News - December 2017

Ring of Scale Expansion is Now Live! Posted On 12-12-2017

It is time to find the strength to breach Veeshan's Peak. Ring of Scale, EverQuest's 24th expansion, is now live!

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Ring of Scale Expansion Preview: Veeshan's Peak Posted On 12-07-2017

To take control of Kunark, mortals will have to find the strength to face Talendor deep within the heart of Veeshan's Peak.

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Dragons of Norrath Unlocks on Phinigel December 6 at 2PM PT! Posted On 12-04-2017

Join us on the Phinigel Progression Server as Dragons of Norrath expansion content unlocks!

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'Tis the Season for Frostfell! Posted On 12-03-2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year once more - Frostfell has returned to Norrath!

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Ring of Scale Expansion Preview: Sathir's Tomb Posted On 11-30-2017

Beneath the depths of the ruined Charasis lies Sathir's Tomb. The fallen emperor is certainly not its only inhabitant.

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It's the Final Bout of Fall Fun from November 29 to December 11! Posted On 11-28-2017

The final round of Fall Fun has arrived! You'll be earning 1.5 times as much experience until December 11!

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