By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

The Darkened Sea is now available to All Access Members!

Firiona Vie has been travelling across Norrath, on a mission from the goddess Tunare to bring the realm back into balance. Now it’s time for you to travel to the domed city of Katta Castrum and find Firiona.

Katta Castrum has been attacked by Lanys T`vyl and a corrupt splinter faction of the Combine! In the chaos, Tsaph Katta, the ruler of the Combine Empire, has been kidnapped. Now it’s up to Norrath’s heroes to find and rescue Tsaph, foil the nefarious plans Lanys has, and acquire amazing loot along the way!

The Darkened Sea is the 21st expansion for EverQuest. This expansion becomes available to purchase and play on November 11, 2014. All Access members get 10% off this expansion, and are able to purchase and play The Darkened Sea two weeks early, starting today (October 28th)!

This Expansion Includes:

Level Increase to 105!

Bonus Items for Purchasing This Expansion!

Mount Key Ring

New Spells, AAs, and Items!

Six Completely New Zones:

Two Re-imaged Zones:


Do you want to experience what lurks beneath The Darkened Sea? You can purchase The Darkened Sea and All Access Membership here