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Community News - February 2019

Potions Sale - 20% Off for ALL! Posted On 02-15-2019

From Saturday through Monday, all potions in the Marketplace are 20% off!

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Coirnav Unlocks the Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha Posted On 02-13-2019

The time has come and the Planes of Power have opened in Coirnav, alongside the Legacy of Ykesha!

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Progression Primer: The Legacy of Ykesha Posted On 02-13-2019

The Legacy of Ykesha brought a handful of new places to explore to Norrath as well as the Froglok race!

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Progression Primer: Planes of Power Posted On 02-13-2019

Take a moment to refresh on all of the incredible content that the Planes of Power expansion brought to EverQuest!

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Selo and Mangler Progression Servers - Coming March 16, 2019! Posted On 02-12-2019

Casual or hardcore, there's a progression server for you coming next month!

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Selo Casual Progression Server FAQ Posted On 02-11-2019

Wondering about the more casual rulesets of upcoming server Selo? Look no further!

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